"Rosy Keyser: Lap of the High Plains" review I wrote for BmoreArt

Posted on November 03, 2015


"I have long felt a lineage for Keyser connected with the formlessness of artists associated with Art Informel like Alberto Burri or even the reductive interests of the Supports/Surfaces movement from France in the late 1960s. In Keyser’s work the material constantly admits its lowly origin as a found object, as trash or detritus, but then goes through a handful of adjustments or accretions of paint, plaster, gesso. It mutates by way of disassembly and reassembly." Read more HERE

"Theater at the Edge" a review I wrote about Timothy App's show for BmoreArt

Posted on November 03, 2015


"The six pieces in Recent Paintings are certainly pictures, though not all successful ones. Their scale asserts their presence, half as theatrical visions in pieces like “Tuonela” and the other half as barriers to pictorial resolution with a work like “Lux Barrera.” The first half reaffirm their pictorial qualities as windows into space, specifically the architectural space of the theatre, so even being flattened, these abstractions are still read as windows. This pictorialism and emphasis on the picture has the potential to undermine the reductive power of abstraction by reaffirming the centuries old trap of painting as window, even at its most reduced state." Read more HERE

New Zine: Best of

Posted on November 03, 2015


The Best Of
24 Pages / Black and White Xerox
5.5" x 8.5"
Edition of 50

“The Best Of continues my series of zines using cassette tape j-cards to generate abstractions using the information sheet from the mid-1980s cassette "The Best of The Band”, compiling the root-rock group’s greatest hits onto one cassette. The Best Of as a zine showcases the spaces in the design, the hard edge abstract black and white forms as a meditation on negative space.“


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Momenta Art Spring Benefit 2015

Posted on April 14, 2015


I'll have this piece, "Low Noise" in this Spring's Art Benefit for MOMENTA ART SPING BENEFIT

Terence Hannum: "Impedance" @ Stevenson University Gallery

Posted on January 27, 2015


My solo show IMPEDANCE opens next week 02/04 at STEVENSON UNIVERSITY GALLERY from 6-8pm.

Terence Hannum's exhibition Impedance features collages and sculptures made while at the Vermont Studio Center in the summer of 2014. All of the work centers around acts of destruction committed to commercial audio cassette tape, using the peeled lines of ferric magnetic dust, glossy black cassette tape, brightly colored leader tape and stacks of cassette tape spools. Many of the pieces divide, or impede, a motion in space. These works address the tradition abstraction by introducing corruption, decay and anti-form.

Impedance will also be accompanied by an essay by Chris Hosea. Hosea is an American poet and winner of the 2013 Walt Whitman Award from the American Academy of Poets and the author of Put Your Hands In (LSU Press 2014).

Solo Exhibition: Decay @ Guest Spot (Baltimore, MD)

Posted on November 03, 2014



November 15, 2015 through January 17, 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday November 15, 2014 7pm-10pm

Hours: Saturdays 1-4pm & Wednesday 5-7pm or by appointment

Guest Spot at THE REINSTITUTE  is proud to present Decay, a solo exhibition by Terence Hannum.  Opening Friday November 15, 2014 from 7pm – 10pm, Decay will be on view through January 17, 2015. A discussion on painting and cross-practices; influences of the self-organized, will be held in conjunction with the closing on January 17, 2015, 2pm-4pm. Accompanying the exhibition will be an essay by Drew Daniel, Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University and member of the experimental electronic music duo Matmos.

Decay is a natural component of the sound envelope; it is part of our understanding of sounds from an instrument, voice, or ambient source in our environment. It is also the natural state that sound media finds itself in – decaying. The record’s surface develops scratches and pops. The Library of Congress is fighting to address CD rot. Cassette tapes accumulate hiss, warble. Moving parts fail.

Terence Hannum’s new collages made from commercial cassette tape inherit the properties of paint. The physicality of cassette material adheres to a dense strata that is manipulated and peeled away, leaving behind ferric magnetic dust. It’s within this dust, in the contact between tape and tape head, that sound is captured. Hannum’s use of cassette tape acts as a parallel to current attitudes towards painting; concepts in his work regarding time, memory, and decay become fixed in a period of changing political attitudes and transformation. While the creation of magnetic tape transformed the recording process, bringing about over-dubbing, erasing and time manipulation, Hannum’s collages presents the media anew:  a strata of accumulated time and sound, a decay from the mass of potentialities that once was betrothed to paint.

“Like the barren mountains of e-waste or the ship-breaking yards of Chittagong, Hannum’s studio is a place where commodities go to die. But in an alchemical act of “nigredo” in which there is a generatione ex putrefactio, the waste matter of the now-dead commodity becomes re-born as art. In a familiar allegory of the move from the baroque to modernity, the smooth clarity of abstraction is achieved through the redaction of content, the reduction of information, and the foregrounding of the material surface.”

Drew Daniel, Where Even the Darkness Is Something to See: Regarding Terence Hannum {excerpt} 

Decay will also feature Hannum’s zines and handmade artist’s books, showcasing his research into cassette culture, with elements of cassette tape j-cards, slip sheets and other ephemera.

Terence Hannum is a Baltimore-based visual artist and musician who performs solo and with the avant-metal band Locrian. Hannum teaches Foundations in the Art and Visual Communication Design Department at Stevenson University. He has had solo exhibitions at Western Exhibitions (Chicago, IL), Stevenson University, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Gallery 400 at UIC (Chicago, IL) and been in group shows at TSA (Brooklyn, NY), sophiajacob (Baltimore, MD), City Ice Arts (Kansas City, MO), Jonathan Ferrara Gallery (New Orleans, LA) and more. He recently collaborated with artist Scott Treleaven to compose a soundtrack for the film Picture Yourself in a Burning Building that was commissioned by the Toronto International Film Festival.

Interview w/ Steel for Brains Podcast

Posted on July 24, 2014


I was interviewed by the excellent blog STEEL FOR BRAINS about my new solo LP Via Negativa on UTECH RECORDS, the forthcoming LOCRIAN album and my visual art. Take a Listen.

Interview w/ Design Studio 210

Posted on June 24, 2014


"Terence uses cassette tapes as his material for his visual arts. The cassette tapes are a reflection of his second talent and passion: music. By combining the two art forms he has created something meaningful and powerful for him whilst providing us with interesting pieces to hang on the wall. They are pretty cool right?" - DESIGN STUDIO 210

Interview for the STUDIO BREAK Podcast

Posted on April 25, 2014

Take a listen to a recent interview I did with the Podcast STUDIO BREAK run by the excellent DAVID LINNEWEH.  In it I talk about how I became an artist, how my work relates to sound and tape culture.  Take a listen HERE.


Interview for Sondheim Semi-Finalists

Posted on March 28, 2014

I was interviewed about my work and studio practice for the BALTIMORE ARTS website's series on the SONDHEIM PRIZE SEMI-FINALISTS.  Read it HERE.


My mix for NTS (UK)

Posted on March 18, 2014


Guest Mix From Terence Hannum (Locrian)

  1. Cybotron – Colossus
  2. DeepChord Presents Echospace – First Point of Aries
  3. Psychic TV – The Orchids
  4. You – Curious Phenomena Part 1
  5. Blessure Grave – Stop Breathing
  6. Alberich – Rumbala
  7. Popol Vuh – They Danced, They Laughed, As…
  8. Hive Mind – Detritus
  9. Inquisition – Darkness Flows Towards Unseen
  10. Indricothere – X

LISTEN HERE to Don't Trip on NTS

Drawing in the 25th National Drawing & Print Exhibition @ Gormley Gallery

Posted on March 17, 2014


FORAGE PRESS: Headcleaner

Posted on January 29, 2014


I was invited by FORAGE PRESS to contribute some new work to a series based off of audio inspiration.  I selected Eliane Radigue as my inspiration and created the work for HEADCLEANER go take a look HERE


Posted on January 27, 2014



Posted on January 06, 2014


INTERSOUND / Terence Hannum

8.5" x 11" 
20 Pages 
B&W Xerox on Orange Cover / Full color print on white paper insides 
In hand cut orange envelope 
Edition of 50 

"INTERSOUND focuses on the "slip sheets" found inside of cassette tapes. These gray teflon forms were used to reduce friction between the tape shell and moving spools of cassette tape. In the process of destroying cassettes to retrieve the magnetic tape for my new work I have accumulated many of these sheets and have identified quite a few different forms the cassette manufactures would use. Those forms can be further abstracted to make other more unique forms. INTERSOUND is the beginnings of an intuitive formal investigation brought on by a found material that is literally among the sound."


My Top 5 Books of 2013 for SELF-TITLED MAGAZINE

Posted on December 20, 2013


I was asked about my top five books for SELF-TITLED MAGAZINE and put together a list featuring "Fountain of Age" by Nancy Kress, a monograph on John Stezaker, "Urne-Buriall" by Sir Thomas Browne, On Vision and Colors by Arthur Schopenhauer / Color Sphere by Philip Otto Runge and Project Japan: Metabolism Talks by Rem Koolhaus and Hans Ulrich Obrist

Enter The Void: Ian MacLean Davis Reviews Paint It Black

Posted on December 17, 2013


"Terence Hannum’s works all use magnetic audio tape as art media.  This an obsolete technology. As such, the deliberate choice of this material reads as symbolic, chosen for its history as much as the way it looks and functions. Audio tape is ferrous powder bonded to narrow strips of plastic film; audio tape records sounds through the rearrangement of the iron particles into patterns by an electro-magnetic head, which also decodes those patterns back into audio. This encoding, the rearrangement of particles, is invisible to the eye. With a CDR or DVR, one can see a different pattern in how the surface of the disc reflects light. There, the unwritten portion looks different from the encoded.  The tape is uniformly grey/brown and shiny. Magnetic tape is similar to a traditional hard drive; the magnetic encoding is the same.  And with each, the recording of information and change to the material does not leave a visible mark or pattern." READ MORE HERE

"Terence Hannum’s Minimalist Paintings Created Out Of Cassette Tape" @ B/D

Posted on November 19, 2013


My new work was featured over at BEAUTIFUL/DECAY

NURTURE Art Benefit

Posted on October 26, 2013


NURTURE Art Benefit
Bernarducci Meisel Gallery @ 37 West 57th Street, NYC

Monday, October 28, 2013, 7 - 9 pm, VIP Preview: 5 - 7 pm



Posted on October 26, 2013

Baltimore, MD

November 9, 2013 through January 4, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday November 9, 2013 7pm-10pm
Hours: Wednesday 5-7pm & Saturday 1pm-4pm or by appointment
Discussion Panel: Saturday January 4, 2013

Vincent Como, Ryan R Compton, Adam Farcus, Terence Hannum, Jason Lazarus, Jen Schwarting, Michael Sirianni

NEW LP: Spectral Life

Posted on October 26, 2013


"Spectral Life" a new solo LP by Terence Hannum is available for pre-order from Shelter Press now. The first 100 copies come with a limited edition art zine.LISTEN


Posted on October 26, 2013
My pal Sean interviewed me for DC's Brightest Young Things for my upcoming show opening solo for RICHARD YOUNGS at the Black Cat in DC on 09/10. We also talked about art, art books, Deicide, Yes and LOCRIAN.