I wrote a piece on the artist TREVOR PAGLEN's forthcoming exhibition at the Smithsonian American Museum of Art for MICA's FULL BLEED

"Paglen’s notoriety emerged during and in the wake of the Bush administration. In that post-9/11 era, a veritable legal gray area was encouraged, legislated, and planned, defining who could be detained, what could or couldn’t be done to them, and what, if anything, constituted a win. Bush’s “War on Terror” became an exercise in America’s moral cynicism actualizing already latent desires—the wholesale imprisonment of enemy combatants with no plan for due process, the initiating of wars with no plan for resolution, and the umbrella of domestic surveillance. Paglen perhaps best brought focus to the real geography of these desires with his multiple investigative projects on black sites, locations where covert CIA projects, including secret imprisonment and torture, took place."

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