terence.hannum (at) gmail (dot) com 

Please e-mail for all prices or commissions.


• At the moment I am not represented by a gallery so if you want work, please contact me. Most things are available and I can work out many payment options.

• Do not contact me about paying to be in your magazine. It's cool you believe in print, hope you built a time machine, and best of luck with that.

• Do not contact me about your art fair. Congrats, but I am absolutely not interested in a solo booth in your horrible investment.

• Do not contact me about your art auction. Stop asking artists to give to your poorly conceived charities, I work with a handful of organizations already for the past few years, they do right by everyone, that is that.

• I will not pay to participate in anything, stop asking artists to do that, you're weird.

• Yes, I know who Gregor Hildebrandt is, no I don't think he is very good.


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