"Paint it Black" on Deana Haggag's 10 favorite art shows in the Baltimore Sun

Posted on December 18, 2013


"Multiple Artists, "Paint it Black, Guest Spot," Nov. 9-Jan. 4, 2014

Paint it Black was one of the most cohesive group exhibitions I've seen all year. Guest Spot curated seven artists all working with the concept of 'black'. The breadth of works included is expansive resulting in an an exhibition I think everyone should see before it closes January 4, 2014."


Enter The Void: Ian MacLean Davis Reviews Paint It Black

Posted on December 17, 2013


"Terence Hannum’s works all use magnetic audio tape as art media.  This an obsolete technology. As such, the deliberate choice of this material reads as symbolic, chosen for its history as much as the way it looks and functions. Audio tape is ferrous powder bonded to narrow strips of plastic film; audio tape records sounds through the rearrangement of the iron particles into patterns by an electro-magnetic head, which also decodes those patterns back into audio. This encoding, the rearrangement of particles, is invisible to the eye. With a CDR or DVR, one can see a different pattern in how the surface of the disc reflects light. There, the unwritten portion looks different from the encoded.  The tape is uniformly grey/brown and shiny. Magnetic tape is similar to a traditional hard drive; the magnetic encoding is the same.  And with each, the recording of information and change to the material does not leave a visible mark or pattern." READ MORE HERE